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Made 2 political donations (yesterday)

Yesterday I made 2 political donations because of an end-of-the-month deadline. I'd ordinarily have spaced them out more so I'm allowing them to count for today and tomorrow.

Donated to Foster Campbell's Senate campaign.

Donated to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Now I need to get off social media because it's just depressing me and making me angry.


dayyyamn do I feel that last bit about being depressed by social media.
I found a lovely app that allows me to filter Facebook. (I have to use FB now, whether I like it or not.) It's a band-aid on a suppurating wound, but it does help.
What app is that, if I may ask?
I'm delighted to share the joy (especially when there's damned little of it about)!

It's called FB Purity, which they take glee in claiming stands for "Fluff-Busting":


It's extraordinarily robust. I've used it in Firefox and Chrome, and it's available for three other browsers as well.

To use: install, and refresh the FB page. To go straight to configuration, dismiss the FBP intro message and click on the "FBP" icon which will appear in the top bar.

My own tweaks have included blocking suggested groups and suggested pages, quashing the FB nag messages, and blacklisting the word "Trump" in my news feed. This last item by itself reduced the screaming to a bearable level.

Edited at 2016-12-02 02:11 pm (UTC)