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Contributed to the ACLU

Accountability Post Trump Year 0 Nov 23

Today I was out of cope to call or write my Congress people (and I suspect they are starting to think I am some kind of weirdo) so instead of doing anything hard I made a donation to the ACLU.


These posts are very inspirational, both from what you're doing and the information you give on the specifics. Thank you.
I am so glad you find them helpful. I feel very alone and small sometimes and it cheers me up to think the little pebbles I roll might be dislodging other pebbles on the way downhill.
I've added both ACLU and ADL to the list of orgs I donate to. (And upped my contribution to HRC.) I'm not the world's most motivated person when it comes to political activity, but donations at least are something I can do.
Thank you! I've been having to pace myself on the donation side, because if I followed my impulses at the moment I'd put myself in a difficult place financially. It cheers me up a lot to know that other people are doing this more effectively than I am.

*hugs you*
Proceeds from the Incryptid Field Guide go to the ACLU through the end of the year: https://gumroad.com/l/NbfmXf

A pdf for you + a donation for a cause you like = fun for everyone!
Thank you for letting me know!
You're very welcome.