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New Lyric

I guess this requires some explanation.  Ysabetwordsmith had a poetry fishbowl, where she let people make suggestions about what they'd like poems written about in her "Path of the Paladin" series.  I had only read a couple of poems in that series, but suggested "what if a paladin's god asked the paladin to do something bad?"  Ysabet wound up writing a poem/story to that prompt, and sent me a "prompter's copy" of it.  The poem is called "Follow Your Heart" and is available here.

When someone "buys" or "sponsors" one of her poems it becomes available for general reading, so there are many poems in the Path of the Paladin series available on her Serial Poetry page here that you can read to see if you like this kind of thing and would like to become a sponsor.  She has a number of series going; they're in alphabetical order and Path of the Paladin is slightly under 2/3 down the page.

 (Gailah is the goddess the main characters, including the eponymous paladin, follow.)

A Matter Of The Heart
lyrics and melody by Catherine Faber 2012
sponsored by janetmiles and elisem on LiveJournal
mp3 here
a capella mp3 here

Some things emit a single tone, when fashioned very well--
The finest crystal goblet or the clearest silver bell,
The lute that hums in sympathy, where its partner sings,
Though only voice, in melody, swept across the strings.

And thus the music of a God may find a human throat--
A heart that chance, or passion, tunes to voice One single note.
And thus the doings of a God, admired or impugned,
Reverberate in willing hands devotedly attuned.

   Heart of salt and iron, tolls a woeful tone
   Drawn to blood and bitterness, barren as a stone.
   Give me a companion, who rings a merry peal,
   Who bears a heart of starfire, and of meteoric steel.

Spring and life and healing, the direction that you stray
And so you walk with Gailah, who is also drawn that way.
The kindness and good sense you speak, your heart the source thereof
Are unintended echoes of her words of strength and love.

   Heart of salt and iron, tolls a woeful tone
   Drawn to blood and bitterness, barren as a stone.
   Give me a companion, who rings a merry peal,
   Who bears a heart of starfire, and of meteoric steel.

The echo is what matters here, and thus it isn't odd
That paladins of every sort resound to every God.
Responding to the note we tune our nature to impart--
Devotion, like our lifeblood, is a matter of the heart.
*I am also going to try a little crowdfunding and see if it will work for songs. Here's my idea. If people want this turned into a song and back it up with donations (via the PayPal button in my user profile or send me a private message to make other arrangements) totaling, in this experimental case, 20$, I'll write a tune and put up an mp3. Several people clubbing together to make the donation happen is fine if that's how it works out. An additional harmony can be purchased for another 20$. Sponsors will be listed as "sponsor" or "patron" unless they prefer to remain anonymous. You too can be a patron of the arts, and at a surprisingly reasonable rate.

I am writing a lot of lyrics at the moment. (I wrote one the day before yesterday which I have yet to put up, this one last night, and another one this morning, for example.) If someone is interested in sponsoring this lyric, it goes to the head of the line, gets a tune and an mp3. Such interest also lets me know that the song is well-liked and might be good to put in a concert set and/or future album. If you are too broke to sponsor in full or in part, my head is easily turned by flattery. Songs with donations are first in line but songs with sufficient flattery can be next. If the lyric gets no interest, whether it goes farther or not depends on how many songs I need for the next album and how well I personally like this one as opposed to other ones. Make sure your favorite songs don't miss out!
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