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By Popular Demand

I posted a bit of a poem in response to something ysabetwordsmith wrote on livejournal, and she and wyld_dandelion expressed a desire to see it turned into a song. Your wish is my command---

On Their Own
lyrics and melody by Catherine Faber 2012
mp3 here
a capella mp3 here

     Em              G
The roofer sets his hammer down
     G        D     Em

And does his level best
    Em                G

To catch the falling raptor chick
     G       D      Bm

And tuck it in its nest.

        Bm      D      Am          Em
   They do the good beneath their hands
      Em                D
   Although they never see
        Em               G       D
   The power their good will commands
       Em        D       Em
   If they can, why not me?

The weaver hears a tiny cry

And lays aside her comb

To help the stranded kitten down

Or lead the puppy home.

They do their deeds and go their way,

Not knowing what they've sown;

They do not have a Destiny;

They do it on their own.

(last chorus ends with)
       Em        D       C  D
   If they can, why not me?
       G         C   D   Em
   If they can, why not me?



Very nice!
Though there might be a technical problem with the recording--there's a distortion on the S's that might be the fault of this particular library computer, or were you not using your usual recording equipment?
I was having some trouble with Reaper on rendering a previous song. It seemed fine in .wav but distorted in the 128K mp3--a problem I don't remember having before. I am a bit concerned about that, actually.

This song sounded okay to me in the mp3 version but I wasn't listening very carefully and your ear may be better than mine.
I'm listening at school this time, and the mp3 sounds absolutely fine--as does the version I downloaded from the library. It must have been the library computer's sound card at fault.

The song is good technically and aesthetically.
Oh I am very relieved to hear that. I was beginning to wonder if the problem was systemic.

One thing I don't want to have to do is go back and re-record everything.
Thank you; I'm glad you like it.
Another brilliant one. You keep on doing it!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. This has just been an unusually busy week, in this regard.
Very nice.
Thank you.
:-) I am pleased that you like it.
I do.

I'm not sure how much you read Torn World stuff, but I wanted to invite you to participate in the Muse Fusion next weekend, either as a prompter or a songwriter (or creating something else, of course, though you seem to focus on songs mostly).
Thank you for the invitation. Unfortunately I expect to be out of town next weekend, doing music with a friend. I expect to have internet access, but to be too busy to participate properly as a creator. Prompts might be a possibility, though.
Maybe next time! Have fun.
I will try to participate next time; I have been thinking about it for a while but somehow I haven't managed to get the round tuits and the opportunity to the table at the same time. But I enjoy shared worlds and Torn World looks like it has possibilities.
I'm glad to hear it.

I do hope you have time to stop by with a few prompts, and if you see something that inspires you, prompts are still fair game after the Muse Fusion.

April's Muse Fusion will start April 20, and there's a poll up in the contributors' area of the forum for May--you're welcome to vote, if you've signed up as a creator.

I know what you mean about the round tuits--but now that I think of it, someone gave me a wooden one at a con recently! You'd think that would help!
It's great when things like that work out. One of my friends has cats that keep trying to bring prey indoors to play with it. Sometimes she can save it, sometimes not. I love cats but their habit of hunting wildlife is less endearing than some of their other habits.