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The Way I Was Raised

Accountability post, Trump Year 0, Nov 25

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I didn't do anything important (had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat and played Pokemon Go and caught two dittos, which are new kind of Pokemon that just started appearing a couple of days ago.)

This morning, prompted by a post by a friend that I'm not linking here because I'm not positive they are comfortable with that, I wrote a new song:
Just the way I was raised.
Lyrics and melody by Cat Faber 2016

When I was a girl life was simple and  bland
Till truths I thought bedrock turned out to be sand
But the way I was raised gave a lifeline to hold 
For finding my footing and taking my stand.

  That's just the way I was raised
  With kindness and fairness expected and praised.
  With love as my guide I'm not easily fazed;
  That's just the way I was raised.

When I was a girl, blacks were treated as prey
Though the means grow more subtle we still find a way;
When blacks are shot dead with no gun in their hands
Even a kid can see that's not okay.

Women are astronauts, seeking the stars,
Yet even our bodies aren't treated as ours;
When a man who grabs crotches is chief in the land,
Even a kid can see this will leave scars.

Of queer folk and trans folk I once had no clue,
But the hour I encountered the concepts I knew,
When humans just ask to be treated the same,
There's only one answer my values held true.

Deal with it; that's just the way that things are.
For mercy and justice at home and afar,
Though hate held in secret come out in the sun,
I'll speak for my truth and I'll follow my star: 


What did you catch, that turned into dittos? I went out and picked off 50 pokemon yesterday and didn't find a ditto. Envious!

also I'm pointing a lot of people at your LJ as a good resource for the resistance and a guide to political action. I hope you don't mind.
One was a rattata and the other a pidgey. The local college campus is infested with both so I just walked around there for about an hour and a half each time. If I can make time this morning I will do it again. What I've been hearing from my PG playing friends is pidgey and rattata, with zubats and magikarp coming in second in frequency (perhaps because they are less common in the local area, rather than because they transform less often.)

And I'm honored that your are pointing people at my LJ. Thank you! I think there are other LJers who are better--Siderea in particular springs to mind at the moment--so I will link them in some of my next posts to help get the word out.
I'd appreciate all the links I can get: thanks.
Amen. *beams at you so much*
Thank you :-). *hugs you*