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Contacting my Congressman again

Accountability Post Trump Year 0, Nov 22

I don't think I did anything useful yesterday. Today I called my Representative (who is on the House Oversight Committee) to urge support of Rep. Clark's bill to extent the rules on financial conflicts of interest to cover the President and Vice President, and also to urge that he oppose the so called "First Amendment Defense Act" which ought to be called the "free bigotry as long as you claim it is religious act".

I feel like I'm flailing around and making no difference. I've got to have faith that a lot of people besides me are doing this and together we will add up.


I just mailed this to myself as a to-do for tomorrow.
Thank you!
You are adding pebbles, one by one, to necessary avalanches.
Thank you, I live in the UK so I appreciate this.
Britain said "we've made the biggest mistake *ever*" and the US said "Oh yeah? Hold my beer."

At least we can cheer each other on in the rebuilding. Or the coping. Or whatever we end up doing.
Thanks. I know I need to remember that.
My congressman Charlie Rangel is retiring but I'm on his e-mail list. His replacement, Adriano Espaillat used to be my state assemblymen, and I didn't care for him then. As far as I can see, Bernie Sanders will not live through the next presidential term and Donald will probably not serve his entire four years.. Wait for 2020.

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Maybe *organize* for *2018*--this would be a good year for Democrats to make gains in the non-Presidential election, because it is important that we have more seats at the table in preparation for 2020.