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Obamacare Survey

Accountability Post Trump Year 0 Nov 20

Called Paul Ryan's Obamacare Survey at 202-225-0600, pressed 2 to hear the survey and then pressed the number indicating I support Obamacare. (I actually did this yesterday after my accountability post for the day so I'm reporting it today.)


AHAHAHa that was a trip. I was warned about the stupid shpiel before the actual voting part, so I pt my phone on speakerphone under a pillow and just listened for the noise to stop.
Thank you for calling! Yes, there is no need to pay attention to the ad. I didn't find it annoying enough to pillow, myself, but I respect your decision.
Nothing but busy signals when I try.
Word is getting out. Good.

Thank you for calling. I'm sorry it isn't working for you; maybe try again tomorrow or the next day?